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Board Member Register of Interests

Members must, within 28 days of taking office as a member, notify the Board’s Monitoring Officer of any disclosable pecuniary interests as defined by regulations made by the Secretary of State, where the pecuniary interest is the member’s, their spouse’s or civil partner’s, or is the pecuniary interest of someone with whom the member is living as a husband or wife, or as if s/he were civil partners

The regulations specify a member’s disclosable pecuniary interests as pecuniary interest covering the members employment, office, trade, profession or vocation, any sponsorship of the member, including contributions towards election expenses, any contracts between the member and the Board, any land the member has an interest in and lies within the area of the Board, any licences the member holds to occupy land in the area, any corporate tenancies and certain securities the member may hold.  A member must also disclose pecuniary interests of a spouse, civil partner or someone with whom s/he is living as a spouse or civil partner.

Below are the current registers of interests provided by our Board Members.


Alastair Adams
Nigel Adcock
Jo Barker
David Broad
Martin Brown
Steve Bucknell
Nicholas Bumford
Phil Chapman
Rebecca  Charley
Katherine Chesson
Brendan Costelloe
Susan Crawford
Paul Crossley
Matt  Darby
Amanda Davis
Benjamin Dent
Ellie Fujioka
Andy Graham
Liz  Hodges
Paul Hodgkinson
Graham Hopkins
Martin Horwood
Jane Hull
Juliet Layton
Catherine Le Grice-Mack
Brendan McCarthy
Tony  Merry
Martin Mitchell
Rosie Pearson
David Powell
Margaret Reid
Isabel Ross
Emma Sims
Ben Stokes
John Swanton
Sarah Whalley-Hoggins