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We are currently open for applications!

Deadline for applications: Friday 15 March 2024.

We are welcoming new grant applicants from Monday 15 January 2024. If you would like to discuss a project idea, or be notified when we open for applications, please contact Nina Stubbington, Grants and Access Officer,

Caring for the Cotswolds is a grant scheme for the Cotswolds. It is managed by the Cotswolds National Landscape and supported by businesses and individuals who wish to keep the Cotswolds a special place to live, work and visit.

We welcome applications that fit in one or more of our four themes:
    1. Conservation of habitats and species
    2. Heritage and landscape
    3. Improving access
    4. Education

Grants start at £500 and go up to £2,500. We are looking for high quality projects in the Cotswolds that could be delivered relatively quickly if a Caring for the Cotswolds grant was offered.

In order to apply, you will need to complete an application form and project budget, making sure you follow the guidance document. All three forms are available below:

What happens after you apply:

    1. After reading through our guidance document, to ensure that you are eligible for a Caring for the Cotswolds Grant, submit your application and project budget forms to us by 15 March 2024.
    2. Once applications have closed, we will get back to you with a decision in May 2024. During this time, we look at your idea; carry out checks and research; then convene a Grants Panel to consider all applications. We may contact you for more information during this process.
    3. In May, you can expect an email from us detailing our decision and if successful, conditions of the grant.

If you would like to discuss a project idea or have any queries regarding the application process, please contact Nina Stubbington, Grants and Access Officer,