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Cotswolds National Landscape Management Plan


Cotswolds National Landscape Management Plan 2023-2025

The Cotswolds National Landscape Board has a statutory duty to prepare a management plan for the Cotswolds National Landscape, and review it at intervals of no more than five-years. The Board adopted the Cotswolds National Landscape Management Plan 2023-2025 on 21st February 2023, following a review of the 2018-2023 Management Plan and extensive consultation. Please click below to download the Management Plan.

You will note that this plan runs for two years rather than the usual five. This is because we anticipate significant national and local policy developments for protected landscapes during this period, particularly with reference to climate action. During the two-year span of this interim plan, we will further develop the evidence and data, so that we can build in meaningful targets towards net zero in our next plan.

Although the Board is the body responsible for preparing and publishing the Management Plan – and will play an important role in its delivery – its successful delivery is also dependent on a wide range of stakeholders.  As such, the policies of the Management Plan are also intended to guide the work of these stakeholders in helping to deliver the Management Plan’s vision and outcomes.

Strategic Environmental Assessment and Habitats Regulations Assessment

As part of the process for producing the Management Plan the Board commissioned a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Environmental Report and a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) Screening Report of the Management Plan.

The SEA report concluded that:

There is nothing in the management plan that will undermine the special qualities of the Cotswolds. Implementation of the proposed Management Plan will have environmental and sustainability benefits for the National Landscape.

The HRA Screening Report concluded that:

That no policy areas would have a Likely Significant Effect on any National Sites.

There is no requirement to undertake an Appropriate Assessment under the Habitat Regulations.

Both reports can be downloaded using the links below: