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Back from the Brink

An image of a Duke of Burgundy butterfly resting on a leaf with its wings half open

A Duke of Burgundy butterfly – one of the key focus species in the Cotswolds as part of the Limestone’s Living Legacies project, image by Simon Smith 

What is Back from the Brink?

Completed in 2021, Back from the Brink was a national programme with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. It aimed to save 20 species from extinction, and to ensure the recovery of a further 92. The Cotswold’s element was led by Butterfly Conservation, and was called Limestone’s Living Legacies. It focussed on the following primary species for the Cotswolds:

Basil thyme Grey long-eared bat Purple milk vetch
Cotswold pennycress Juniper Red-shanked carder bee
Duke of burgundy Large blue Rockrose pot-beetle
Fly orchid Marsh fritillary Ruderal bumblebee
Greater horseshoe bat Pasqueflower Rugged oil beetle

Each of these species has a summary sheet produced by the project, which can be downloaded by clicking on the species names above, or from the Back from the Brink website.

Alternatively, they can all be downloaded as one document here. This document also contains a compilation of recommendations for future work.

Back from the Brink achieved a great deal in the Cotswolds – both for the species listed, and the many others that share their habitats. Our hope is that by sharing this information we can help this important work to continue.

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